Five Minutes with Katherine Pinczuk

katherine pinczuk Did you have something specific you wanted to communicate with this piece?

'Weeding By Moonlight' is about the possibility of capturing beauty in the everyday, even in times of monumental sadness and loss.

Who do you show your writing to first?

The dog usually gets to hear it first, and then a few close friends are tied up in a chair and forced to listen as well.

Where do you get most of your writing done?

In the bath, outside under the willow tree, in a bustling cafe on La Rive Gauche... nah just kidding. My head. I get most of my writing done in my head.

What book is closest to you right now – don't lie!

The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan. And twenty centimetres away from it is a little pocket dictionary – navy blue and very frayed around the edges.

What the best advice you have ever gotten about writing? And what's the best advice that you still ignore?

I don’t know if this is the best advise I’ve ever gotten but I do find it a win/win inspirational quote: "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" – Benjamin Franklin.

And: "If I waited till I felt like writing I’d never write at all" – Anne Tyler. Yep. Still struggling with this one. Need bum-glue. Oh, there’s a marketable idea?

If you could be an animal, what would you be?

I’d like to reincarnate as an animal that Homo sapiens don’t eat, torture, shoot for trophies or dress up in silly clothes.

What is the strangest object you own?

A Chinese funerary urn that belonged to my grandmother. It has one handle missing. I used to throw my chewing gum inside it when I was a kid. All solidified now, as is the memory.

How long did it take you to write your bio?

I’m still writing it.

Top three songs on your writing playlist?

Right now I like 'Tusk' by Fleetwood Mac. Great for getting the old brain-cogs oiled and moving. 'Try' by PINK, for strength. And 'REIKI Whale Dreaming' is great to relax, calm the mind and realise how insignificant my place in the world is.

What do you read as a guilty pleasure? What about just for normal pleasure?

The racing guide – a very guilty pleasure. For normal pleasure? Wind In The Willows was my favourite book growing up and I still return to it now and then for a comfort read. Gobbling up words is more slimming than chocolate banana splits with ice cream (and cream) sprinkled with nuts. Although that’s quite nice too.

What book do you pretend to have read to sound smart?

How’s this for pretension: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, in French. (I don’t speak French.)

What literary tattoo would you get?

That’s easy a panther tatt as it’s the topic of my book in progrrrresssssss.....

Send us your favourite picture of an animal?


Katherine pinczuk dog selfie (Anton)