Five Minutes with Marty Murphy

marty_murphy Is there a style/genre/or writer who has significantly influenced your work?

George Saunders

Where do you get most of your writing done?

I write at my desk, a grey workstation in an open plan office, wearing earplugs.

What book is closest to you right now – don't lie!

Popular film and Television Comedy by Steve Neale and Frank Krutnik: 36cm from my left elbow.

If you could be an animal, what would you be?

A powerful owl, or a boobok. As long as I get to kill possums. They eat roses.

What is the strangest object you own?

My Grandfather's chook pen gate (former gate to Queanbeyan Cemetery).

What literary tattoo would you get?

The opening line of John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces.