Five Minutes with Mark Rossiter

mark_rossiter_crop_400x400 Did you have something specific you wanted to communicate with this piece?

Something to do with travel, experience and life. There really were three boys who went to Greece. I really did dream of a dog, in that campsite. My satchel, wallet, camera and films were stolen. In fact, every single word is true.

Is there a style/genre/or writer who has significantly influenced your work?

I can’t honestly say. I like a wide variety of styles and genres.

Who do you show your writing to first?


Where do you get most of your writing done?

At home at my desk. With the laptop, pretty much anywhere.

What book is closest to you right now – don't lie!

I am currently reading The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth. I love it.

What the best advice you have ever gotten about writing? And what's the best advice that you still ignore?

Show don’t tell. Show don’t tell. I mean, it’s all telling, in the end.

If you could be an animal, what would you be?

I’d be a bird, high up in the Andes or soaring over the Southern Ocean.

What is the strangest object you own?

Probably myself. Do we own ourselves?

How long did it take you to write your bio?

Not nearly as long as it took to finish this.

Top three songs on your writing playlist?

Mostly silence, but… Tangerine Dream's Ricochet (live, 1975). Radiohead from Kid A onwards.

What do you read as a guilty pleasure? What about just for normal pleasure?

I’ve read the Daily Mail online a couple of times. I certainly felt guilty afterwards, positively sordid. Normal pleasure? I have a hunger for the post-apocalyptic, the transgressive, the curious, the languageful.

What book do you pretend to have read to sound smart?

I pretty much have read the books I talk about, but I admit I did engage in a little speedy-reading with more than a few of the trickier passages in James Joyce’s Ulysses. It’s worth it, because the good bits are really good, especially towards the end.

What literary tattoo would you get?

Honestly this one had me stumped. Maybe “So it goes” or “That kills me.”

What do you do when you aren't writing?

I walk my dog twice a day. Toby. I love him. I also appraise manuscripts, freelance edit, teach.

Send us your favourite picture of an animal?


Mark Rossiter photo Toby Rossiter 2014